Archaeology in Littleborough

Over many years the Society has  excavated a wide range of sites from investigations into a barrow burial on Snoddle Hill overlooking Summit to industrial archaeology closer to Littleborough itself. Ancient and more recent farmsteads have also been excavated in and above the Piethorn Valley excavating and preserving parts of Rag Hole Farm demolished when Ogden reservoir was built. Field and moor walking above Littleborough has often revealed traces of our mesolithic history resulting in an extensive Collection of Microliths

This page includes brief details on our Flint Collection Below are links to associated pages which may also be of interest to you

Littleborough Roman Hoards - Collections of Roman coins have been found in Ealees Valley and pn Blackstone Edge - see here

Blackstone Edge Roman Road

A Scheduled Monument so not excavated but a review into its history is given here :-, Blackstone Edge Roman Road. Check out this page for an alternative overview :- Blackstone Edge Turnpike.

Recent archaeological investigations are  detailed here:-

  Investigations into Blackstone Edge Brickworks near to Whittaker Golf Course.

.Flints & Flint Tools

The society has a large collection of microliths (small flint tools) of National Importance collected by members. Only recently, a flint spear point was discovered whilst members were enjoying a walk.

The flints pictured are displayed within the History Centre and form a very small element of the Society’s collection, one of the finest of its type in the UK. So important that it has been studied on a number occasions by experts at Oxford University. If you wish more information on the collection or would like to view it then please contact us on