Hibbert Milton Sutcliffe, Elboro’ Garage, Littleborough


Hibbert was born in Halifax in 1898 and in 1921 was living in Soyland above Ripponden. At the time the 1939 Register was compiled (a type of Census) Hibbert was a Haulage Contractor living near Ripponden Wood with his wife and children. However, by 1941 he had a garage on the corner of Charles street and Featherstall Road. (Pictured in an advertisement and after closure). In that year the company suffered from a theft of engine oil which resulted in the culprits being fined £2 with 15 shillings cost.(Each). 4 years later the company was again in the papers due to an employee leaving H M Sutcliffe without seeking permission from the National Service Officer. Also in 1945 it is believed that his 18 year old son Edger was in court for having an insecure load on his lorry which resulted in an oil spill some 3 miles long. This had endangered cyclists and took 5 hours for council workmen to cover the oil with sand and ashes. Edgar and another were each fined £3 with 2s 6d witness fees.

One of the companies regular journeys was taking animal hides from the Tannery at the bottom of Charles Street to Hardy’s Glue works down Stubley Mill Road.

Hibbert died on Christmas day 1961 and left some £39,915 to his 3 children, Edna, Edgar and Brian. The company was still advertising for a driver in 1969 but must have closed shortly afterwards. His wife, Caroline Eliza died in April 1980