Useful web resources

There are a couple of on-line resources which provide important information on Coal Mining in the Littleborough Area - see

BRITISH GEOGRAPHICAL SURVEY and COAL AUTHORITY websites. Search using these names and on the Geographical website, enlarge map then click ‘Add data’ and then under ‘Boreholes’ click on ‘Borehole Scans’ or other required information. The Coal Authority map is similar but on top right click ‘Planning’ and then on drop down menu click ‘Coal Mining Data’ and then click ‘Mine Entry’ or other required information. Un-tick ‘Coalfield Consultation Area’ for clarity.

Details of Littleborough Coal Mines

For those who are interested in the more important local mines, the book on ‘The Rossendale Coalfield’ by Jack Nadin provides information on the mines themselves including dates, operators, plus maps and photographs where available.