Richard Jay (Later Richard Jay Ltd)

Richard Jay was born in Suffolk (Wetheringsett according to the 1881 Census or Eye from an article in the Rochdale Observer dated 1941) but had moved to Norden by 1871. He worked in the Textile trade in Norden but on securing employment at Broadfield Mill in Littleborough he removed there with his family. In 1901 Richard was recorded in the census as an Insurance Agent and Poultry Dealer.

1903 saw Richard advertising


Richard Jay, Carrier, coal and Coke Dealer, Furniture Remover

Waggonette for Hire - 87 Hare Hill Road

In January 1910 Richard was prosecuted for being in charge of two horses (and cart) whilst not holding the reins in his hands. The Chairman asked what was the point of reins if they were not used? In his defence, Richard advised he did not think he was doing anything wrong but none the less was fined 2 shilling and 6 pence plus costs.

May 1910 saw Richard obtaining approval for a new property, Caldermount on Calderbrook Rd (which still stands to this day). He later constructed his garage on the corner of Calderbrook Road and Hare Hill Road adjacent to Caldermount on Calderbrook Road .

In September 1910 Richard advertised

PARTIES Requiring Cars, Landaus, Waggonettes are invited to apply for terms to R Jay, CALDERMOUNT, LITTLEBOROUGH

In April 1914 a fatal accident occurred in Milnrow when  the 2 horse bolted resulting in a 5 year old lad being run over. Headlined in the Rochdale Times as “Street Tragedy”, the jury ruled Accidental Death,

During 1914 Richard Jay’s advertising had taken a different direction



Enquiries receive prompt attention

Tel 65                  LITTLEBOROUGH


By March/April 1920 Richard was now advertising


Our 4 ton MOTOR LURRY is now running frequently to MANCHESTER an HEBDEN BRIDGE, GOODS PICKED UP AND DELIVERED AT ANY STAGE, Any weight up to 4 ton

Later in May and October 192 the adverts had changed again but added “4 ton AEC Lorry.

In September 1929 the company’s 4 ton Leyland was, according to the Todmorden and District new involved in a “Alarming Motor Accident”, The flywheel of the lorry ‘burst’ or ‘Broke Up; injuring  the driver. The fragments of the flywheel damaged 2 local shops but no others were injured. 4 years later the company was again in court due the vehicle being over-weight. However, the case indicates a significant increase in the carrying capacity of the vehicle in that its permitted load was 12 tons.

In 1938, one of the company’s drivers was again involved in a fatal accident, in this instance involving a ‘heavy motor lorry and trailer’. In this instance the deceased was a 67 year old man. The jury found the the deceased had died from “secondary shock due to multiple fractures of both legs received by being accidentally run over by a motor lorry”.

In later years Richard left the running of the company to his sons though remained as Managing Director. Richard and his wife ann celebrated their Diamond Wedding in January 1941 but unfortunately, both died the following month and were buried together in St Barnabas Churchyard, not far from the family home and garage.

The business continued until it was taken over by Wilkinson’s Transport Ltd in January 1951. A month later the 4,000 sq foot garage was offered for sale.

Leyland Beaver Truck operated by Richard Jay Ltd of Littleborough  c 1930-1939

now in British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland

Richard Jay Ltd’s Garage on corner of Shore Road and Calderbrook Rd