(Top Picture)

Co-op Competition in Littleborough - CWS Ltd

28 Church St (Fishmonger, Game and Greengrocers)

30 Church St (Fruiterers and Greengrocers)  32 Church St (Wallpapers and Paints)

(Above right) 16 Church St (Footware)

Rochdale Pioneers

Smithy Bridge Branch

Littleborough Co-op  in the 20th Century

The economy post WW2 was difficult with high inflation, reduced sales, lowest dividends. Nonetheless at a Committee Meeting May 14th 1945 agreed to give thanks to Almighty God for the defeat of Germany and they made “Special Wages Grant” to all employees for VE day celebrations May 8th – 9th

Two employees lost their life during the 2nd World War

Slaughterhouse on Industry St closed after war

1950 Grand Centenary Celebrations

Programme of events, all held in the Co-operative Hall included Grand Concert; Pageant of Fashion; Centenary Ball (Admission 1/- Light Refreshments Provided); Children's Night Film Entertainment (with Uncle Charlie and Uncle Tony); Grand Whist Drive; Aged Folks Night; Grand Closing Concert; Employee’s Party and Competitions.

Premises Occupied in the 1950’s

Central Premises on Hare Hill Road included Grocers and Provisions, Confectionery & Tobacconist, Drapers, Outfitters – Gents and Footware

Grocers and Provisions

31 Church St

105 Featherstall Road

103 Hare Hill Rd - Caldermoor


59 Halifax Road, Durn

84 New Road - Dearnley

76 / 8 Summit

193 Todmorden Road – Centre Vale


33 Church St

40 Hare Hill Road

The 1960s saw changes to the Coops road fleet and the commencement of store closures incl Summit and Caldermoor. 1960 also saw meetings with Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Soc Ltd. This ultimately led to a meeting held on 28th December 1967 which approved the transfer of the Littleborough Coop’s assets to the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society Ltd.

Managed Decline

1987 Old Central Premises taken down  in 1987

1994 Lo Cost sells out to Co-op Group (ex CWS) resulting in 2 Co-op shops in Littleborough:-

Hare Hill Road – United Co-op (pictured bottom left)

Railway Street - Co-operative Group  (pictured bottom right)

2008 Co-op buys Somerfield – forced sale of Hare Hill store to Sainsbury’s

Of the Littleborough Co-operative Society of Industry only most of the closed branch premises remain, plus sad traces of the fine Central Premises. The Central Hall and Stables remain but also in different uses and by now the mills have all gone replaced by housing - see Co-operative Mills

And yet, the Co-op in Littleborough continues with its store on Railway Street. How the competition between The Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Lidl pans out is to be seen.

New Coop supermarket on Hare Hill Road, now Sainsbury’s

Lo Cost taken over by the Coop and re-branded Co-operative