Ealees (from Postcard)

In 1688 Theophilus Halliwell's will included a grant for a schoolmaster at the chapel in Littleborough, the grant included 20 shillings from their estate in Sowerby. Some nine years later Ealees Schoolhouse was built. In 1699 his brother Richard made a further gift 'for schoolmaster to teach children in school I have just erected' in Ealees. The school educated 10 boys on weekdays and anyone on Sundays, the schoolmaster lived above the school in 2 rooms. In 1827 Halliwell's endowed school was conducted by Mr Thomas Sladen with pupils paying 1d each for Sunday School. Ealees Halliwell's School closed in 1894. However, in 1952 there were communications between the District Bank and Littleborough UDC regarding the status of Ealees Endowed School, the advice being that it was not operating as a school.

Hollingworth (photo c1975)

In 1726/7 a Free school was established in Hollingworth by John Hall, Yeoman, John Hollingworth, Richard Townley, Alexander Butterworth and others with a value of £13 mentioned. The school was rebuilt in 1860 and nine years later it was first used for religious services. Ten years later the Littleborough Local Board (LLB) agreed the plans to install 3 closets and an ashpit at the school. The school was still in existence in 1946 when it was reported that meals were not being served as the necessary crockery had not arrived. When the day school finally closed is unclear but Kent’s Rochdale Trade Directory includes the school under the name of “St Hilda’s School, Hollingworth Fold” Hollingworth School finally closed during the 1960s with the pupils transferred to Holy Trinity Parish church School.


Smithy Nook

In 1836/7 this school was opened by John Thomas but little else is known about it.

Featherstall Independent School

'The Featherstall Independent School' was set up in 1872 by Miss Schofield in a large house on Chapel Hill off Victoria Street. Again little is known about this school

Note: 2 Ladies schools were opened in the 19th Century but for how long is unknown.

Non-Conformist Schools