Littleborough Co-operative Society - Early Growth

From its early beginning one room the Littleborough Coop expanded throughout the later 19th Century as detailed below

In 1856 the Society moved to  Nos 33 and 35 Church Street with the new premises consisting  a Butchers Department and a Grocery Department and 33, 35 Church St still kept as a shop even when the Main premises in Hare Hill Rd were opened.

In 1861 Membership was 440, sales were £9,650 and they were able to purchase 33 and 35 Church St for £1,300.

In 1861 the Society built a warehouse behind the shops as well as abattoir on what is now Industry Street.  Pictures are included right of the Abattoir when still operating and below that when converted to apartments

Also in 1861 the Rock Nook branch was opened but eight years later (in 1869) new premises were built with the opening reported in the Co-operator  “On Saturday November 4th this Society opened a branch store at “Rook Nook” - pictured right.

In 1868 Caldermoor branch opened, a purpose built shop at the top of Hare Hill Street built by William Peacock of Caldermoor at a cost of £1,500.  Pictured below

The opening of this store was quite an occasion and was reported at the time in the newspaper of the Co-operative Movement “The Co-operator”.  In the article entitled “Great Doings at Littleborough” it was reported that the shop was opened with a tea party and ball when about 600 persons were present and the Littleborough choristers were engaged to provide entertainment. The new store Specialised in animal feed but included Groceries etc In 1904 a fire occurred at Littleborough Coop Caldermoor store. Following the fire the Cloggers shop was removed from upstair to ground floor of adjacent cottage.

Further openings by the Littleborough Co-op occurred in 1876,

These being the Lighthouse Branch in Calderbrook (pictured bottom right) and Featherstall

Co-operative House Building

1868 tendered for 37 cottages on Bare Hill St with the smaller streets going off named after the original land owners (Leah, Newall, Jerrold, Smith & Nelson)

1869 - It was now building a block of 40 cottages, one half of which are already let to expectant tenants.

1869 Wellington Terrace on Lodge Street

Hare Hill Road and competition

Nos 33 and 35 Church Street

Old abattoir on Industry off Church Street

1868 Caldermoor Branch

1869 Rock Nook Branch picture much later during heavy snow.

Lighthouse Branch Calderbrook below