Schofield Foundry, Durn

Schofield foundry was set up around 1851 by Joseph and Benjamin Schofield but also in 1851 the London Gazette announced that the Partnership of Joseph and Benjamin Schofield carrying on business as Fustian Manufacturers and Iron Founders was dissolved owing to the retirement of Benjamin Schofield and will in future be carried on by Joseph Schofield who will cover the payment of all debts – dated 2nd June 1851. The 1852 Trade Directory thus shows the Foundry under Joseph Schofield & Co.

Over the years, adverts for workers provide an illustration of the tasks involved, Bench & Floor Moulders, Furnace Tenter, Loam (Core) Moulder, Core makers for engine work, pipes and rollers. In the early 1860s the foundry made the cast Iron Columns for the nearby Law’s Durn Mill and probably other mill buildings besides probably including Albion Mill c1866/7. Over the following century (until 1955), Trade Directories include Schofield Foundry at Durn but do not necessarily indicate ownership. It is believed that the Schofield family involvement ceased around 1939

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Opposite Schofield Foundry during demolition and site clearance

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Aerial view of Durn Foundry extracted from a larger picture of Ealees Mill see  English Heritage website)