J Grindrod & Son Ltd - Road Haulier, Python Garage, Todmorden Road

Although the company was registered in 1937 (according to legal documents), little or no information was revealed by on-line local newspaper searches prior to 1965/ From then on a number of adverts were published in the Rochdale Observer which ranged from “WANTED 3 commercial vehicle fitters” to “WE WISH EVERY SUCCESS TO THE PARKLAMD ESTATE All road making materials - ASHES, HARDCORE, STONE supplied by J Grindrod and Son Ltd”. The latter advert had the address as Python Garage, Shore Road. Throughout the late 1960s the company continued to advertise for drivers and until the 1970s for mechanics.

1972 saw a new move by the company which sought planning approval for a ‘brick’ making plant on Todmorden Road. The plant would have made a type of ‘breeze’ block. The proposal raised much local opposition so no such works was ever built. However, in December 1972 the company was advertising “WANTED ASH TIPS  within 20 Miles of Rochdale J Grindrod and Son Ltd”. Presumably the company had a source of ashes which would have been used in the ‘brick’ making plant.

In December 1974 the company appeared in court for faulty brakes, dangerous parts and emitting too much smoke. Whilst the proprietor gave a reasoned response to the charges it was fined £60. In March 1975 the company advertised “WANTED FOR HIRE in the north Manchester area  6-WHEEL TIPPERS  Regular work, will fit two-way radio.

The owner was actively involved in Rugby being chairman of Rochdale Hornets in 1970s and

1980s and adverts for his haulage operations often featured in match programmes (see below right).

During late 1984 the company branched into uPVC glazing systems based at their Todmorden.Road joinery site.

From reviewed newspaper searches it is unclear when the haulage business ceased operation but the company appears to have closed around 1999

(Left) AEC 8 (12) wheel flatbed truck outside the Caldermoor Public House

(Below) AEC 6 (10) wheel flatbed Truck

Note these trucks were often referred to by the visible wheels despite the rear axles having 4 wheels each